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The Simple Principle of tolerant Cooperation

The name Autarkybook aims for a Life that works as system-independent as possible. This is to be understood as a motivational vision based in the Real World.

By "System" we mean a Civilization Model driven by the following Principles:

• Have instead of being
• Money and Profit
• Greed and Envy
• Sensationalism
• Mistrust

What we want

In this Network, we want People who are attached to other People and the whole of Nature, or who may even be related to it. We wish for People who encourage and advance other Self-Help in their Ways.

You could also call this the Increase in Gross Social Happiness.

We examine whether our Contributions serve this Purpose.

Criticism is good as long as it serves that Purpose.

We consider the following values ​​indispensable

Autarkies treat others as we would like to be treated (Universal Principle of Reciprocity).

The following Values ​​are important to us

• Respect for the individual personality, the World View and the need for Happiness of others

• Responsibility and care for oneself, the other as well as the Earth and everything that lives on it

• Solidity with people of any Ethnicity, Religion or Sexual Orientation

• Non-Violence and Reverence for Life

• Gender Equality and Partnership