We love the transparency to protect and protect your anonymity as a human and a person !

Please note the following information about the handling of your data.

Data Protection

This information will inform you about the nature, extent and use of your information on our website. The legal basis of data protection and your privacy can be found in the laws of your country.

Functionality of our website

The following browser data are required and stored for functionality:

  1. Login Time
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  4. Operating System

Content of our cookie, which you will find in the cache of your browser:

  1. Status
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Your IP address will not be saved when you contact us. This is especially true in the event that follow-up questions arise.

Comments and posts

Your IP address will not be saved when writing your posts or comments.
Comments and posts with illegal and offensive content (Propaganda, Hate Speech, etc.) will be deleted promptly and the account of the scribe closed without comment, or removed, which is necessary in the sense of respectful interaction and peaceful coexistence within our community.

Content and services of third parties

Our online offer includes content and services of third parties, such as videos, map material, RSS feeds or graphics from other websites.

What we can not avoid

Provider of this content and services, read your IP address from the cache of your browser. Without your IP address, these providers may or may not want to send their content and services to your browser. Your IP address is therefore required to present this content and services.

We have no control over what these providers collect and evaluate. It is at your discretion to clean the cache of your browser more often, to surf over a VPN network and to use appropriate tools to anonymize your browsing habits and to protect you as a person and legal entity best possible from inquisitive data collectors.

What we can avoid

The content and services of these providers that you publish on our website are stored without your IP address. No data will be stored in our database system for monitarization and monitoring purposes.

We do not force anyone to use our online offer with real data. The decision, what you want to reveal about you, or not, is up to you alone.

Statistics, tracking, control

Google Analytics and similar trackers are not used on our website.

Affiliate programs

Partner programs from third party providers are not used on our website.

Social networks

As a member of other networks, you can limit the merging of your user data by using the Facebook Blocker or NoScript for Google and Twitter: Link:

Deletion, revocation, changes

You can delete your account at any time in your account management.

You have the right to receive information about your personal stored data and to correct incorrect data, blockages and deletions concerning your personal data.