SafeInCloud Password Manager

When surfing, it is very important, that you never use same passwords and certainly not unencrypted, because they can be stored in a cookie file on your hard drive easily sniffed by sniffer.

To avoid such dangers, there is SafeInCloud (free for Windows, Apple or Linux).This allows you to create strong passwords and manage all your accounts easily Passwords are saved by the program in a strong 256-bit encryption locally on your computer and if you wish, a backup is automatically created on Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Yandex Disk.

You can also use SafeinCloud on your tablet or mobile phone by using the SafeInCloud App (This App costs only a few Euros and is worth the money)

Link: https://safe-in-cloud.com

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Image Size

If your picture is too big for upload, you can reduce the size of your image directly online. Thus, your image can be compressed automatically with a size of, for example, 900 kb to 45 kb and 3 mouse clicks.

Link : http://reduction-image.com/resizer-online