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In order not to send data about your surfing behavior to the largest data collection machine in the world, we do not use a ReCaptcha contact form, although it would be safe for us and convenient for the provider. Even an E-Mail Address is out of the question for us because of the spambots. Why not a picture with the address? Well ... no.

What we want

We do not want to favor or support the collecting passion of the data collection machine because the following information is read out and passed on via the ReCaptcha:

What is collected

Your IP address, which can be used to identify your location and cross reference your identity with other websites you visit.

  1. All cookies stored in the last 6 months, with which, e.g. also the number of mouse clicks is read out.
  2. All plugins and java scripts that you have saved in the browser cache or on your hard disk
  3. Date and CSS information of your visited web sites
  4. The language of the browser

How to reach us

  1. You log in and send your message to Ami
  2. You send Ami a Threema message. The Threema ID can be found on Ami's profile.
  3. You can not log in and reset your password so you can log in again.
  4. If everything does not work just ask Mar, who basically knows everything ^ ^


Innovative abuse script solutions, such as the captcha technique, are currently unknown to us.